Dr. Stephen Paul Samuel, 

General Medicine

Dr. Stephen Samuel earned his MBBS from P.S.G Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Coimbatore, India and further acquired his MS and PhD from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. His research interest has been focused on the interactions of engineered nanoparticles including quantum dots with components of human microvasculature: plasma, platelets and endothelial cells, including how they might be deployed for next generation snakebite treatments. He has been a key collaborator with the Center for Exploration and Travel Health at the California Academy of Sciences and TCR Multispecialty Hospital in Tamil Nadu. The hospital specializes in treatment and research related to snakebite in rural Tamil Nadu. His current research is dedicated to combating death and disability from snakebite. He has worked in various clinical specialities in India and abroad and has commendable experience in treating snakebites. He currently works as a registrar in General Medicine in UK and a visiting physician scientist with collaborator hospitals in India. He has authored peer-reviewed publications in both nanomedicine and snakebite research.

He is registered with Indian Medical Council, General Medical Council (UK) and member of American Physician Scientist Association, International Society of Toxinology, European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine, CLINAM-European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine and British Society for Nanomedicine.