Lead Compounds

We have identified compounds with the potential to transform the treatment of snakebite around the world by filling the gap between bite and hospital where 75% of deaths from snakebite occur. These findings have recently been published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Toxins, here, here and here. Many aspects of this work are featured in the documentary, "Minutes to Die"

for oral use

Methyl-varespladib (LY333013). Heat stable, rapidly absorbed, affordable: These compounds have the potential to address the gap between bite and hospital, saving lives and improving the performance of imperfectly antivenoms.


For INTRAVENOUS use by professionals to block the victim's reaction to venom and improve the efficacy of antivenoms not perfectly matched to the snake's venom. We believe the addition of varespladib (LY315920) to the standard-of-care treatment for snakebites will improve outcomes and shorten hospital times.


Lead compounds (LY333013 and LY315920) can be developed for veterinary use and we have now identified a third compound from this series with properties similar to LY315920 for  use in companion and livestock animals.