Our Story
Pictured below: Dr. Matthew Lewin in the field

In 2001, a California Academy of Sciences researcher was killed by a snakebite while on expedition to Southeast Asia. No anti-venom was available and heroic efforts to save him were unsuccessful.

10 years later, California Academy Physician Dr. Matthew Lewin, mindful of the incident while on expedition to the region began imagining what might be done if the same situation occurred with his crew.

Early on, he realized his ideas for field treatments could help address the unmet need: Filling the gap between bite and hospital care where more than 75% of snakebite deaths occur.

Ophirex, a public benefit corporation, was founded with the help of friends, family and an unlikely meeting with renowned Rock Nā€™ Roll Hall of Famer and entrepreneur, Mr. Jerry Harrison.

Dr. Matthew Lewin

Dr. Lewin is a Fellow of the non-profit California Academy of Sciences and Director of the Center for Exploration and Travel Health also housed at the California Academy of Sciences.

Jerry harrison

Jerry Harrison is an American songwriter, musician and producer. He is an experienced tech investor and public awareness advocate - and is most famous for being the keyboardist and guitarist for the world-famous band, Talking Heads.